No Limit Swiss has the ability to machine a variety of materials ranging from hard nickel-based alloys to soft plastics. We have successfully worked with a variety of materials including but not limited to those listed below. If there is a material that you do not see on the list, contact us to see if our CNC Swiss machines are capable of machining it.


Our goal at No Limit Swiss is to meet all of the requirements of every design and deliver precision machined parts to all of our customers with zero defects. We have an in house quality control room that has modern inspection equipment.

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No Limit Swiss, located in Northeast Ohio, is a contract manufacturer of precision machined parts, utilizing Citizen 7 axis CNC Swiss-type mill/drill lathes. Possessing over 20 years of swiss-type turning experience, we are committed to providing you with personal, professional and timely service.

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Originally developed for the process of making internal components for Swiss watches, CNC Swiss machines provide high precision machining solutions by a process of moving material that is rotating through a guide bushing along the Z-axis while keeping the tools stationary.

Turning, milling and drilling can be accomplished on the same machine on two spindles simultaneously.
Our superior CNC Swiss machining capabilities allow us to create precision parts that are trusted in a number of industries
Our CNC Swiss machines offer precise, repeatable machine movements that can be programmed for the fastest speeds and feeds resulting in lower cycle times.

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